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Hello! I'm Ramzi


I'm currently a Research Geophysicist at the Acquisition and Processing Technology department at Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) in Weybridge, UK. My research focus are method to improve the processing methods. I work mainly on FX domain filtering methods and Up/Down wavefield separation.

Previously I was a PhD student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) within the Earth Science and Engineering program. I was working at  Seismic Wave Analysis Group (SWAG) and my research was supervised by Prof. Tariq Alkhalifah.

During my PhD I was working on the implementation of multiparameter inversion for vertical transverse isotropic (VTI) acoustic media using the scattering integral approach (the explicit computation of the update based on the sensitivity kernels). Extensions to more complex anisotropy can be one of the possible continuation of this research.
I obtained a Polytechnic engineering degree from Tunisia Polytechnic School in June 2009. Also, I got a M.S in Computational Mechanics from the same school in May 2010.

I'm a  member of SEG and EAGE.

Background image source:

Traveltime sensitivity kernels using the unwrapped phase

The paper describes a new method to compute the traveltime sensitivity kernels. Unlike the cross-correlation or Rytov kernels, the unwrapped phase kernels do not have a hollow space along the ray-path. We showed that the unwrapped phase kernels are a generalization of the Rytov approximation ones and are more sensitive to small size scattering points.

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